Welcome to the Galloway Lakeland Marathon Training Program. We train in Lakeland, FL and offer programs for runners of all abilities throughout Polk and Hillsborough counties in central Florida. The Galloway Training Program is open to anyone who is interested in fulfilling a lifetime goal: to run a marathon, half marathon, 10 miler, 10K or just get started.

The training group welcomes all levels, from beginners to Boston qualifiers. Pace groups are set up to ensure a comfortable and safe training pace for every ability. This low mileage run-walk-run program will prepare people for an incredible achievement. This national training program was developed by and is still currently produced by Jeff Galloway and Phidippides Runners. Jeff has been involved with training programs in the U.S. since 1978. Jeff Galloway represented the United States at the 1972 Olympics in the 10,000 meter and as a marathon alternate.

Please see our Training Programs page for a description of each program. Please email the Program Director with any additional questions you may have about running using the low injury, low mileage Jeff Galloway run-walk-run method.

Free Conditioning Program
If you would like to try our FREE four week conditioning program , please send Sarah an email at gallowaylakelandpd@gmail.com. The program will introduce you the Galloway method and start you on your way to run-walk-run success.

Registration Currently Open
For New Runners - train for Gasparilla 5k or Promise Run 5k
Get Started Running - January 7th thru March 4th
New Members - $89.00

For Runners with a base of 3+ Miles -Join the Galloway Program Midseason
Bridge to 2017 Season - January 1st thru April 30th
New Members - $37.50

Registration Opening in March
For Runners with a base of 5+ Miles - train for Chicago, Steamtown, St. George, MO'Cowbell or other early October marathon. OR train for Space Coast, Disney 25th Anniversary Marathon, Mississippi Blues or other late November, early January marathon

Marathon Training - March 4th thru Jan 9th
Alumni - $99.00
New Members - $159.00

Registration Opening in May
For Runners with a base of 3+ Miles - train for ANY fall half marathon on or after Oct 28th

Half Marathon Training Fall Only - June 3rd thru Nov 26th
New Members - $95.00

Half Marathon Training Spring Only - August 1st thru Feb 28th
New Members - $95.00

Half Marathon Training Entire Season - June 3rd thru Feb 28th
Alumni - $99.00
New Members - $159.00

Registration discounts for half marathon and marathon training will be available for both new members and alumni who have registered to run or to volunteer with Galloway Lakeland at the InterAct Alliance Red Ribbon Half Marathon, Nov 11, 2017 in Lakeland, FL or the Jeff Galloway 13.1, Dec 12, 207 in Atlanta, GA.

Contact the Program Coordinator, Sarah Kozul

Guests Are Always Welcome at Galloway Lakeland! Come join one of the largest and most successful marathon training programs in the country. You'll run with others of  your own ability using run/walk breaks in a fun, team environment.

Please register at least 3 days in advance of the Saturday you would like to guest run.

Currently Open
Guest - $0
Get Started Running - 8 weeks to a 5k - $89
Mid Season - Bridge into Training - $37.50

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Save $10 off your New Member or Alumni Galloway registration when you register to run the InterAct Alliance Red Ribbon Half Marathon in Lakeland, FL on November 11, 2017.

Send confirmation of your registration to gallowaylakelandpd@gmail.com before June 3 to receive your discount code.

Join us in Atlanta, GA for the 4th annual Jeff Galloway Race Weekend, which includes the 13.1 Half Marathon, named for Olympian Jeff Galloway, and Barb’s 5K, named for Jeff’s wife Barbara. This is a wonderful event showcasing the best of run-walk-run. Virtual options are also available.

December 9-10, 2017